The Team

So, some of you might be wondering who we are. This is the page for you people!


TPC, or ThemeCrafter264 is the owner and the founder of the Coaster Kingdom network. His main role is to make sure that everything goes correctly, as well as creating the occasional editorial blog post about the theme park industry in both the past, present and the future. Mainly, he is a massive fan of Thorpe Park, Gardaland and other worldwide parks (particularly Disney parks).  TPC, if not looking at the latest theme park news, loves films, politics and even building realistic Minecraft theme parks.


JackFitzy is in charge of Toyland Tours, Instagram and the blog. His main job is making sure Toyland Tours operations go smoothly, and ensuring that every toy is filled to the brim with joy. He’s also an Alton Towers aficionado, and CK’s resident artist. He spends his free time creating new toys, watching reruns of Friends for the quintillionth time, and starting at his fabulous and extensive array of on-ride photos.


Saw-X-Smile, or Grace, is in charge of the quiz and one of the main reporters. Her articles mainly focus on North American and English theme parks and attractions, and the future of theme parks. She finds herself with a rather large soft spot for scaremazes and dark rides, for storytelling is her forte. When she isn’t writing up a nonfictional storm, she’s writing about other worlds or designing new attractions… Or binge watching Taskmaster.


Robert.W, otherwise known as Rob, is one of the original members of the small group that led to the creation Coaster Kingdom! Currently, his main areas of work are managing content on the website and looking after the Coaster Kingdom Twitter and Facebook pages. As well as regularly writing articles for Coaster Kingdom, Rob enjoys spending any leisure time visiting his favourite theme park, Alton Towers as well as eating M&Ms and choc chip cookies!


Bert2theJack, Otherwise known as Bert2theSpark or just Bert, is one of the Facebook admins and is part of the Coaster Kingdom YouTube channel. Bert can often be found online or riding Galactica at Alton Towers.