Removal of Paris’ famous Ferris Wheel begins

Back in late November last year, Paris councillors voted for the removal of the city famous Ferris Wheel. The council unanimously decided not to renew Marcel Campion’s licence to continue operating the ride on the Place de Concorde, the location which the ride has operated on and off over the years since 1993. However, the council have said that they are not against the ride being relocated elsewhere in the city, wether that be under a different operator, or still by Marcel Campion.


Since then, it’s been relatively quiet until recently, as Coaster Kingdom member, Saw-X-Smile has photographed the famous Ferris Wheel being dismantled. The pictures show that the gondolas have already been removed from the wheel and are being taken off the site, ready for the main structure of the wheel to be dismantled.

The Ferris Wheel isn’t the only thing to have recently been axed by Paris councillors, as the Christmas Market also run by Marcel Campion was ordered to be discontinued last Christmas, due to it being perceived as tacky and low quality, accused of ruining the atmosphere of the famous Place de Concorde, which is located near the historic Louvre museum.

So, what do you think about the removal of Paris’ famous Ferris Wheel? Let us know in the comments section!

This article is intended for informational purposes only.

All images © Saw-X-Smile.


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